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Today I’m posting the official Boss Body Back workout. Adding this to your weekly routine will whelp to generate a thicker, broader upper body, contributing towards that V taper.

First things first, your back is one of the largest muscles groups in your body. Building up your back will make you broader, contributing massively towards your boss body. The back workout is quite short, however, it does consist of lots of heavy lifting. What it lacks in repetitions, it makes up for in total weight lifted. It starts off with big lifts and eases off as the workout progresses, this is so you can utilise your peak energy at the start. muscle backThis is roughly a 20 – 30 minute workout and should be ideally followed up with a  30-40 minute light cardio session. Alternatively, you could consider working out your abs after you have completed this, see our ab workout HERE.

If you don’t understand any of these exercises, you can find a detailed description by clicking these links; Best Back Exercises, How to dead lift and body weight back exercises (for info on the superman).

Dead Lift – 4-6 reps 3 sets, 1 min rest between sets.

Lat Pull Down / Pull Ups – 8-10 reps 3 sets, 45 secs rest between sets.

Seated Rows – 10-12 reps,  4 sets, 30 secs rest between sets.

Pull Overs – 10 reps, 3 sets, 45 secs rest between sets.

Supermans – 12 reps, 3 sets, 30 secs rest between sets.

After trying that, your back will be feeling nice and tight. That’s great, keep up the good work. Still got fuel in the tank? Try doing 30-40 minutes of light cardio.

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  1. Well, thank you for this post. I have an entire arsenal of workouts I’ve been documenting for some years now. I’m looking to learn something new. I’m definitely going to try out this workout. Looks pretty good though. I always like to mix in calisthenics with weight training for maximum benefits from both sides.

  2. Great workout routine. I too follow this basic routine on my back day. Deadlifts and pullups are my staple lifts.
    I sometimes use variation like if I am training for strength I would do my deadlifts first, and if am focusing on hypertrophy or maximum muscle contraction, I do them it the last of the workout.

    1. Post

      Hey Deb, I’m a strong believer of lifting biggest at the start and moving onto smaller muscle groups at the end. As your energy levels are peaked at the start it makes more sense to me to use the largest muscle groups first. Our workouts are deigned to build strength and muscle mass whilst shaving down your fat percentage. To mix it up I like to use different grips on: Lat pull downs, rows and pullovers.

  3. This seems like a great workout for your back. I’m not gonna lie I’m a little nervous to give a shot. I feel like my back will be screaming the next day… lol. If I do it and get some soreness are there any ways to stretch the back muscles?

    1. Post

      Hi John, we call that pain your DOMS, see our post on doms visit this link:

      Feeling muscle pain after working out is normal, if you don’t feel any tightness or soreness then you are not training hard enough. In terms of stretching your back out, lay on the floor on your chest with your hands in press up position, extend your arms so they are perpendicular to the floor and arch your back as much as possible. This will stretch out your lower back.

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