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Our other back exercises posted have all required some form of weight to lift or pull. Although these are the kind of exercises we would advise you use if you are looking to build muscle fast, body weight exercises can work just as good. We understand that not everyone will have access to a gym or want to step foot in a gym, so here I’ve listed and explained a few body weight back exercises you can try out. superman

Superman – Laying face down on the floor assume the position of a skydiver, now straighten your legs and arms. Now try to raise your arms and legs up off the floor as high as possible. Hold peak position for 1 second and return back to the start. For this exercise aim for 2 sets of 15 reps.

Supine push up

Supine Push Up – Lay on your back with your feet in a sit up position. Hold your arms out bent at the elbow, as if you were about to perform a bench press. Now push down on your elbows elevating your shoulders and torso off the floor hold for half a second at peak and return back down. Try 3 sets of 8 reps.


Dolphin Kick – Laying face down on a bench, hips at the end of the bench, your toes should be resting on the floor with your legs out straight and together. Grip either side on the bench with both hands tightly. By engaging your abs, glutes and lower back muscles. You lift your feet up as high as you can, at peak hold for 2 seconds then return back to the start. At all times your legs and feet should be together with your toes pointing downwards forming a point. Try 3 sets of 8 reps.

hip hinge

Hip Hinge – Standing up straight with feet planted just over shoulder width apart, allow your hands to rest on the side of your hips. Keeping your lower body absolutely still, bend forward at the hip. When you are at a 90 degree bend, hold the position for 2 seconds and return back to the start. In essence, this exercise is like doing an unweighted dead lift. Aim for 3 sets of 15 reps.


Reverse Snow Angel – Laying face down on the floor.Legs together and arms by your side. Perform the same motion with your arms as you would when making a snow angel, make sure your palms are facing down when you do this. Try to perform 3 sets at 10 reps per set.


What body weight back exercises do you like to do?




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  1. Hello, there,

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful article, Body Weight Back Exercises. This body weight exercises are a very interesting issue.

    I had never seriously thought about exercising at home being effective but I guess that is better than nothing.

    Moreover, I’d dont’t think it is easy to be inspired to workout at home. Should give it a try.

    Keep bringing those types of articles to us.

    Once again, thank you so much.

    1. Post

      Hi Caito,

      No problemo, I was inspired to write this article, after a comment I received.

      The majority of my exercise posts are geared around having access to a gym, I thought it was time to mix things up a bit.

      You are correct, it’s not as effective as going to the gym, although it’s much better than doing nothing at all. You wouldn’t put on serious mass with home workouts, on the other hand, you would see improvements in your body tone.

  2. This article was very timely for me. I was thinking of canceling my gym membership lately cuz almost all the exercises I do can be replaced with BW exercises. I replaced back squats with pistol squats and I just add weight when I need to. Military press with HS pushups. I do GHR for the post chain. The only exercise that I didn’t want to replace was the DL. I don’t have enough weights at home for DL and that was the one thing holding me back from canceling my gym membership. But I think the GHR combined with these exercises would still give me the same benefits I’m looking for.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Post

      You can perform a pistol squat? Wow that’s really impressive Wing, congratulations. The GHR is an awesome exercise to target your bum and hamstrings. An outstanding body weight exercise. A good replacement for DL would be skydivers and good mornings. I know they wouldn’t have the same effect. Maybe you have something heavy like a couch that you could DL? Haha.

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