Bicep Workouts

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So you came here to ultimately leave with an extensive knowledge of great Bicep workouts and how to get those big Biceps that you have always been wanting. Well now we can tell you that you have come to the right place.

In this we shall cover various Bicep workouts to get those Biceps on point. Getting those Biceps bigger is more than sticking to the same exercise’s every time you hit the gym. We will teach you different strategies and lifestyle changes to get those bad boys stronger than ever.

Dumbbell curls, stand up get your feet at shoulder width. Grab yourself some dumbbells one in each hand (remember at Boss Body we say the last rep should be a struggle) if you make this easy you will not get the results you are hoping for. Now with dumbbells in each hand and arms fully extended by your side and palms facing towards your hips, curl the dumbbells up to your chest. Do 6-8 reps and 3 sets remember to take a breather between sets we say sixty seconds.

bicep curl

S-Z Bar Curl, yet again stand up and get those feet shoulder width apart. Grab yourself S-Z bar put the amount of weights on each side which will challenge you, as we said earlier this should not be made easy. With the bar being held just below waist level in front of you and with palms facing away from you, curl the bar up to your chest. 6-8 reps and 3 sets, rest sixty seconds between sets.

s-z bar curls


Concentration Curls, a bit different from the previous two workouts, this time you shall be sat down at workout bench. Sit at the end of the workout bench with your knees shoulder width apart and feet planted firmly on the ground. Now lean forward, take one dumbbell in your left hand and place your elbow on the inside of your left thigh, move your right foot out 45 degrees to leave enough clearance for the curl. Now curl the dumbbell up towards your chest keeping your elbow firmly against your thigh, this will isolate the Bicep making it do all the lifting. Now repeat these steps on the other arm. 8-10 reps 3 sets, rest sixty seconds between sets.

Concentration curls

Conclusion, now you make think it will be beneficial to train your Biceps everyday however this is a big no, no why? Your Biceps will get much stronger through resting periods between workouts. As they recover they become more prominent and stronger enabling you to lift even more weight. So it is essential not to work Biceps or any muscle more than twice a week as this will not allow it the time it needs in order to grow.

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