Bicep Exercises

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Here you will find a few bicep exercises listed. This post is a continuation of the bicep workouts post. To see that click HERE. There’s a reason why you should know lots of different exercises for each muscle group. If you practise the same exercise repeatedly, the body adapts and builds up a tolerance. This leads to plateaus, where you will find it increasingly difficult to continue developing. Therefor it’s extremely important that you keep switching it up every month or so.

Also please remember to put equal time into your triceps as you do biceps, some people only focus on their biceps. This is a rookie error that a lot of people make when beginning to workout. hammer curlsHammer Curls: Holding a dumbbell in each hand, perform a bicep curl. However, this time ensure that you keep a rigid wrist. Do not allow your wrist to rotate as you lift the weight. This works out the long head of the bicep. compared to bicep curls, where it is the short head of the bicep that is developed.

up rightrowsUpright rows: Using a pulling cable, barbell or dumbbells. Allow the resistance to hang freely at arms length just in front of your legs. Lift the resistance in a rowing movement so that it comes up to shoulder height. Be careful not to lift the resistance any higher as this can present the risk of shoulder injury. This exercise also works out your traps. You are effectively working out 2 muscles at once.

inner bicepcurls

Inner Bicep Curls: Very similar to the bicep curl, this time instead of curling with the underneath of your wrists facing the ceiling, your going to curl with them facing outwards away from your body. This may feel peculiar at first. Performing this exercise will focus on the long head of the bicep as opposed to the short head.

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