Best Healthy snack Foods

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Many of us struggle to get meals in throughout the day either down to work or it is just the active on the go lifestyle that we lead. here we shall look at some of the best healthy snack foods to eat whilst on the go.



Nectarines,  both nectarines and peaches are almost identical in appearance, but what makes them different is down to one single gene, the gene we are talking about is the one that is responsible for the skin. Nectarines are smooth and shiny, whereas peaches are dull and fuzzy. When peaches become self-pollinated the seed which carries the gene smoother skin could produce a nectarine, whereas as seeds that are not carrying a certain gene can become peaches. So this explains why peaches and nectarines look so a like. Nectarines are a fantastic snack to have on the move.


Oranges, widely available throughout the year and make a fantastic easy to eat on the go snack. There are also many health benefits of oranges that might surprise you. Oranges originate from Southeast Asia, northern India and China; oranges were cultivated as far back as 2500BC. So there is a brief history on oranges.


Bananas, they are one of the world’s highest consumed fruits, and this is for a very good reason. This bright yellow fruit is filled with nutritional benefits. Many scientists suggest that this may have been one of the world’s oldest fruits. To date, bananas are grown in as many as 107 different countries. In America more bananas are consumed than apples or oranges.


Kiwi, Chinese goosebury or yang-tao in Chinese, needless to say it has a few peculiar names.  Kiwi fruit originates from Northern China first found in the Yangtze River valley, seeds were brought back from China by New Zealand missionaries in the 20th century and introduced to the USA towards the end of the 1960’s. Originally called the Chinese gooseberry, what we now call Kiwi Fruit, got its new name in honour of the native New Zealand bird. To this day Chile, France, Japan, Italy and the USA are the largest producers of Kiwi fruit, both the green and gold kiwi.


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