Best Hamstring Exercises

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Legs are important to workout yet they still get neglected. Hamstrings are important to workout yet they still get neglected on leg day. Important for bending your leg at the knee. Hamstrings enable you to run faster and endure running long distance. They also help you get up hills or steep surfaces.

There aren’t lots of hamstring exercises out there really. I’m going to tell you the 3 best exercises for working out your hamstrings. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you exercise your legs. After all you don’t want to end up looking our of proportion with a huge upper body and tiny matchstick legs.leg curlsLeg Curl: There is usually a machine in the gym that can help you with this exercise. You can also use a cable machine with a foot harness attachment. Lay belly down on the floor feet by the cable, head away from the cable. Put your foot in the harness. Keeping your knee on the floor curl your lower leg, try to touch your heel on to your bum.

donkey kicksHigh Donkey kicks: On your hands and knees perform a donkey kick, to engage your hamstring more and your glutes less focus on getting you foot as high as possible. If you feel any kind of pain or stress on your back, you are kicking too high.

stiff legged dead liftStraight Legged Deadlift: Instead of slightly bending your knees at the start of a deadlift, you are going to perform a deadlift with straight legs. This will  bring the focus ore on to your back and glutes. Your hamstrings will engage naturally as the glutes begin to contract.

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