Best Back Exercises

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Here’s a post on a handful of our best back exercises to use in your workout. We have selected these to help you develop the “V” shape to your back. Ensuring that your back muscles are strong and well developed will help to give you a much shapelier form. The exercises we have selected are deemed to be low risk to your body and beneficial for gaining the right mass in the right place. Without further a due, here are our best back exercises.

lat pul down

Lateral Pull Down – Have you ever seen Bruce Lee? Well if you check him out, you will find that his lats are so big that it makes him look like he has wings. To get them this size, you need to ensure that you work out this muscle. The lats are found running down the side of the torso, starting from the back of the shoulder. To perform the lateral pull down, sit on the bench to the machine. Grab the bar with both hands (just wider than shoulder width apart). Pull the bar down so that your elbows and shoulders are in line with one another, return to the starting position and repeat. I would advise you pull the bar down in front of your face, this is one of the best back exercises, however there is a variation where you pull the bar down behind your head. This is a little risky in our eyes as you may cause an impingement injury in your shoulder.

rows1                  rows2

Rows- Targeting the middle back this time, rows can be performed either seated at the row machine or bent over leaning on a bench using dumbbells. The principle is the same, apart from when performing this exercise free weight, you are relying upon gravity to provide you with the resistance that you require. To perform this free weight, using your knee and hand on the same side of your body, lean on the bench. Plant your other foot firmly on the floor, and allow your free hand to dangle naturally with weight gripped in hand. From here, pull the dumbbell in towards your body; imagine that you are trying to start a chainsaw by pulling the starter cable. After performing your reps, switch hands and repeat, this ensures you get both halves of your back. Alternatively, using the machine allows you to symmetrically workout your back, all at the same time.

pullover1                    pullover 2

Pull Over- For this exercise you need to use the lateral pull down machine. Instead of being seated at the machine, stand upright with the bar just at arm’s reach. Be sure to hold a slight bend in the knees and hold your back perpendicular to the ground. Keeping your arms locked straight, grab the bar and pull it down wards towards your waist. Hold for a second and return to the starting position. Personally this is one of my favourite exercises ever. Alternatively, perform this exercise free weight laying down on a bench. When you become a hard-core badass it’s actually possible to perform chin ups this way, keeping a straight arm, pretty awesome ey?

Finally there’s the Dead lift, a must do when working out your back muscles. In fact, the Dead lift is so awesome that we’ve done a whole post on it, check it out HERE.

What’s your Best Back Exercises?

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