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Yoga is an ever increasingly popular practise, originating in the eastern world in India, it is taking the west by storm. Yoga is the art of using ones own body weight and breathing techniques in order to limber up the body and enhance balance and well being. There are lots of different types of yoga to have a go at (See: Different types yoga), as well there are many benefits to your health that yoga can bring about.

Yoga has been around in the west since the 19th centaury, however Yoga has been around since 300 Bc and is used in religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Not only is it used as a tool to improve ones physical well being, but also to improve ones spiritual well being too. There must be a great benefit yoga has to oneself, otherwise why would it have been practised for so long. yoga 1Asthma: Due to it’s heavy focus around breathing techniques, it has been proven that yoga will aid people with asthma, there was a study conducted with 120 asthmatic candidates done in 2009 where pulmonary functions were measured over 8 weeks in 2 groups. One group being the control group and the other group taking yoga classes. It was proven the yoga significantly improved the pulmonary functions in those candidates who took upon the classes.

Obesity/heart disease: Being a physical exercise, in which you regulate your blood flow around the body through breathing techniques. Yoga works on building a strong healthy circulatory system as well as being great for weight loss. Yoga wouldn’t loose you weight as fast as exercising at the gym 5 days a week, however, for people seeking an alternative to going to the gym or working out, yoga would fit the bill perfectly.

Stress management/ Mental health issues: Yoga naturally relaxes the body, the breathing techniques allow the individual to unwind and let go of any stressful or uneasy feelings. It has been proven also that people suffering with mental health issues would benefit from yoga due to it’s spiritual and mental healing.
Diabetes: Yoga is also known for lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetics, performing 40 minute of yoga a day for 40 days has been proven to lower your fasting blood sugar levels to below 120 (which is what an average person would read) the reasoning as to how this works is yet to be worked out.

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