Be Your Own Boss

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Here at Boss Body UK, we aim to help you to be the boss of your body and achieve the body of a total boss.

Our philosophy is that to truly look after yourself it’s highly important that you control yourself. If you see yourself as the controller of your body mind and spirit in absolute totality then the sky is the limit for you. Now that may sound like a load of bull. However, the moment you take control of yourself is the moment you take control of your life. It’s so easy to auto pilot your way through life without actually having to do much in particular. That said it won’t be much of a life if you just coast through it, passing on the opportunity to achieve greatness.


A great way to be your own boss is to set yourself long term goals that you wish to achieve. This could be anything such as saving for a house, achieving a qualification, getting six pack abs or even getting married. What ever it is, try to set yourself a goal and a time bracket in which you wish to achieve it. Doing this creates the opportunity for measurable progress towards your goals, this will make you feel like your life is headed in a direction, your direction.

Now that covers the long term aspects of life, what about the short term aspects? The moment at hand or the day which you live. Making small adjustments to your life style can make a huge difference on the shape your life will take. It’s a simple as maintaining a good diet and steering clear of unhealthy food, keeping on top of your hygiene, grooming and ensuring that you have enough sleep each day. Doing this will have huge impacts on how you feel day to day.


It’s important to be polite and well mannered when interacting with other people, your attitude with people will effect the attitude that people have with you. You get what you put in. There’s no hacks to having a good life, but with a bit of structure and a positive mental attitude you can achieve great things.

Be the boss of your body. I hope this post will aid you to draw some inspiration. Let us know about your inspiration and what keeps you motivated on your path to success, leave a comment in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting Boss Body UK.

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