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  1. Hi,
    Looks great actually. I always prefer to make these sandwiches by myself rather than buying them at the subway or elswhere. You never know what’s inside – and I actually like what you did with all these receipts. However I would like to ask you, if there is any way to mix thungs up a bit and let’s say…add some home made fries or something?

    1. Hi Alexey,

      We appreciate your comment. Making food for yourself using organic ingredients is always the best way to eat, however, the purpose of this post is to offer people a healthy alternative when it comes to eating out on the go.

      You can easily feel overwhelmed by choice when going to subway and in turn select fatty foods. Becoming aware of these healthy alternatives may encourage you to go for them in the future.

      We like your idea for Home Made Fries. Check out our Healthy Snack section now!!!

  2. This is what I call one short and sweet post. The heading 6-inch Subway sandwich says it all. When it comes to fast food when you have no time to prepare a meal, I always choose subway for one of the better choices to make.

    Your post is simple and to the point just like the subway.

    1. Hey Travis,

      We understand that peoples eating habits are changing, everyone seems to eat out more nowadays, especially with fast food being quick and easy.

      Although Subway offers a range of Low Fat Subs, be careful when selecting your sandwich. Some are low in fat, however, they usually accommodate high amounts of Sodium. We found the Veggie Delight to be the Lowest in Sodium and the Beef to be the overall best meat filling to go for.

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