10 Best Ab Exercises

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We all want that dream six pack, Training your abs will not guarantee a six pack, but it’s a step in the right direction. A six pack is visible when there is enough muscle built up  to form a six pack, and your overall body fat percentage is low enough for the muscles to be visible. So eat clean and get mean, chisel your abs by implementing some of these best ab exercises into your  routine, here we bring you 10 best ab exercises.

leg raises 2                      leg raises

1.Leg Raises: Lay down on the floor facing upwards. Keeping your feet and knees together, raise your legs to form a 90 degree bend at the waist. Don’t allow your back to raise off the floor. Alternatively you can perform the exercise whilst holding yourself upright.

2.Knee Raises: An easier alternative to leg raises, performed exactly the same (only works when supporting your weight upright). Allowing your legs to bend at the knees reduces the amount force it takes to elevate the upper leg to become perpendicular to the torso.

crunches                     crunches 2

3.Crunches: Nice and simple, lay on the floor facing upwards, raise your knees allowing your feet to plant shoulder width apart and as close to your groin as possible. Hold you arms up the the side of your head. Lift your head, neck and shoulders up off the floor. You’ll feel your abs engage, hold for a couple of seconds and return back down to the floor.

situps2                        situps1

4.Inclined Sit Ups: this one is very similar to the crunch, on the incline your body is negatively inverted so your head is lower to the ground than your feet. Instead of lifting your head, neck and shoulders off the bench, elevate your whole upper body and try to touch your chest on your knees.

v up

5.V Ups: Lay down flat on the floor facing upwards, place your hands above your head and stretch out your legs making your body as long as possible. The aim for this exercise it to touch your toes at the peak of each rep. To achieve this, fold at the waist, lifting your top half and bottom half at the the same time.

mountain climber

6.Mountain Climbers: Whilst standing, place your hands on the ground, allow them to walk forwards so your waist is held about a foot off the floor. Your now going to put one foot up by your hand and place the other foot backwards as far away from your hands as possible. Switch the positions of the feet over and over.


7.Plank Hold: Hold yourself in the press up position, allow your elbows to carry the weight of your upper body (rather than your hands). Making sure that your bum isn’t sticking up high in the air, hold yourself in this position for as long as possible. This is much harder than it seems.

dish old

8.Dish Hold: Imagine performing a V up, just as your head neck and shoulders along with your legs lift off the ground, hold yourself in this position. Similar to the plank, you’ll feel alot of tension in the abs.

russian twist

9.Russian Twist: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your torso leaning back 45 degrees, with your hands in towards your chest, rotate your torso as far right as it will go, do the same again to the left. repeat this process. This exercise works much better whilst holding a weight between your hands.

flutter kicks

10.Flutter Kicks: Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Lift your straight legs a few inches off the ground. Lift one leg a foot higher than the other. Now switch the positions of either leg and repeat.

We hope you found out 10 best ab exercises helpful!

Whats your favourite ab exercise?

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